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8,239,801 words already generated

for thousands of happy podcasters!

8,239,801 words already generated for thousands of happy podcasters!

You’re in good company. See what’s possible with Toasty below.

<a href="">Bhairav Patel</a>

Bhairav Patel

Managing Director Atom CTO

“We’ve been looking for software to help us extract all the amazing insights we have within our podcasts and after a very long search, we’ve found that Toasty is hands-down the best app out there. It has all the tools a podcaster needs which means I’m saving on multiple subscriptions and it has the most accurate transcriptions I’ve come across. Most importantly for us, the AI is able to understand different accents which others don’t so the summaries, copywriter and transcripts are all very accurate and we don’t have to do a lot of work correcting things.”

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Show Notes in Minutes Not Hours

Take advantage of automatically generated summaries, key chapters, title ideas, and high-quality transcriptions for your podcast.


Ready-to-post SEO Articles

With every podcast episode, you’ll get a detailed article about your podcast’s topics, about 750 words for every 30 minutes, ready to post on your blog.


Create Unlimited Social Content For Your Podcast

The ToastyAI Copywriter is trained on your podcast episode to help you create the most engaging content that attracts new listeners on social media.

How it works

Toasty is the fastest and easiest way to create content from your podcast episodes.

Upload your episode via RSS feed, YouTube URL, or file upload. We support audio and video uploads.

Our state-of-the-art AI-copywriter will then generate over 20+ pieces of content for each episode.

The AI will use advanced algorithms to pull the topics discussed in the episode, resulting in the most impactful content possible.

Finally, you can browse through the generated content and select your favorites. If a piece isn’t to your liking, you can ask Toasty to rewrite it for you in the exact way you’d like.
Use your favorites on your podcast hosting platform, social media, and your blog.
<a href="">Swire Ho</a>

Swire Ho

Director of Sales and Marketing at Garuda Promo
<a target="_blank" href="">FunUncle Podcast</a>

FunUncle Podcast

Lyle T - Podcast Producer/Co-Host

Toasty has helped big time with creating show notes and time stamps that are the most relevant to the clips we want to share online.

The best part about Toasty is that it has tools that are extremely helpful in not only making our podcast better but more successful as well.

<a target="_blank" href="">Habibi House Podcast</a>

Habibi House Podcast


We are Habibi House Podcast and we found the perfect tool in Toasty AI.

It’s powerful engine has allowed us to expand our content beyond the basics and really added value to our show.

Professional copywriting for 10x less than hiring a contractor

Get high-quality shownotes, transcripts, timestamps, blog articles, social posts, and more without breaking the bank. Our pricing is an affordable option for small and large podcasts alike.

No credit card is required, start for free, and pick a plan later. Cancel at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ToastyAI help with podcast promotion?

ToastyAI generates weeks of promotional content without you lifting a finger. It repurposes old episodes, drives SEO traffic to your blog, and helps you maintain a consistent presence across all platforms.

Does ToastyAI help promote past episodes?

Absolutely. One of ToastyAI’s strengths is its ability to breathe new life into old episodes, making it an evergreen marketing asset.

How are credits distributed for yearly plans?

When you purchase a yearly plan you will recieve all of your credits up front for the entire year. 

Imagine the content possibilities with all of your podcast episodes uploaded to ToastyAI!

How does ToastyAI help with omnichannel promotional strategies?

ToastyAI generates a consistent stream of content that can be used across all platforms. This means your podcast has a constant and engaging presence, attracting listeners wherever they are.

How does ToastyAI create blog articles about my podcast episode?

ToastyAI uses AI trained on your specific episode to generate detailed articles, approximately 750 words for every 30 minutes of content.

Does ToastyAI replace the need for my own promotional efforts?

ToastyAI is designed to complement your efforts, not replace them. It takes care of the heavy lifting, freeing you to focus on what you love: creating great podcast episodes.

Do credits roll over to the next month?

Yes, as long as you continue your subscription, your credits roll over to the next month. However, credits are lost if a subscription is cancelled.

What happens to unused credits at the end of the month?

Unused credits will roll over to the next month as long as your subscription continues.

Does ToastyAI offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try ToastyAI for free, no credit card required. It includes one episode of up to one hour in length, unlimited social media content, high accuracy transcription, show notes with timestamps, a long-form article, and title ideas.

What languages does ToastyAI support?
ToastyAI supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.
What happens to credits if I cancel my subscription?

Any unused credits will be lost once your subscription comes to an end.

We recommend that you use up any remaining credits before ending your subscription. 

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